Area school districts may have to extend the year for make-up days due to bad weather

ST. LOUIS – The icy weather has forced school districts to call off classes again for kids across the metro area. Some districts have run out of snow days and are now scheduling make-up days.

Dr. Desi Kirchoffer is the superintendent of the Northwest R-1 School District. His district includes 120 square miles, 10 schools, and 6,200 students. Much of it is rural and the weather can give bus drivers a tough time navigating narrow and hilly roads.

“Our busses have challenges on a regular day. When you start to put snow into the mix, you’re really putting some of our drivers and students at risk,” Kirchoffer said.

Empty hallways are evidence students are off again; their safety is paramount. They’ve missed several days this year and there are no snow days built into the school calendar.

“We’ve used six snow days so far this year so we will add those onto our calendar,” Kirchoffer said.

The superintendent said parents are accustomed to not scheduling family vacations until a week or so after the scheduled last day of school to be safe.

Rockwood schools, such as Eureka High School, still have two snow days left before they have to worry about make-up days. Snow days can be a problem for families twice, once when it occurs and a second time when they are made up.

“It extends their whole school year and we have to account for that when we want to take vacation, so I kind of get irritated by them,” said Melanie Reardon, a school parent.

Her daughter, Lily, added: “I just don’t like making up because then it wastes time with my family and my friends and it’s just a pain.”

School district make-up days
Northwest R-1 (May 24)
Mehlville (May 28)
Parkway (Not yet decided)

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