Soulard getting ready for this weekends Mardi Gras parade

ST. LOUIS - It’s been one of those winters that just won’t go away.

“It’s getting kind of old,” said one Soulard resident.

The St. Louis neighborhood is getting ready for Saturday’s paradeOrganizers of the celebration say continued cold weather and the possibility of some weekend snow will not slow down the celebration.

“We’ve had weather far worse than what we anticipate this weekend.  In 2009 I think we had 8 or 9 inches of snow on Friday before the parade,” said St. Louis Mardi Gras Foundation President Mack Bradley.

He said the timing of when snow falls is more of a logistics issue than anything else.  Bradley said if the snow started falling Saturday afternoon or evening, “That would make the cleanup take longer and be more expensive.”

St. Louis Police will be outlining their plans for Mardi Gras during a news conference scheduled for Thursday morning.

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