Thieves speed away with five motorcycles from O’Fallon, IL motorsports shop

O'FALLON, Ill.  -  Five motorcycles were stolen from the Metro-East Motorsports shop Friday morning.

Officers responded to the 1700 block of  Frontage Road for a break-in at 2:26 a.m.  According to surveillance video, five suspects broke in the shop through one of the back windows. They were then able to open up a garage door and speed off with five bikes in less than two minutes.

All of the suspects were wearing black clothing and motorcycle helmets.  Each of the bikes stolen was a Kawasaki. Three of them were green, one was green and black, and the last was silver.

Not long after the break-in,  a FOX 2 employee heading to work saw two motorcycles race by him "going at least 100 miles per hour". The bikes were heading west toward the Poplar Street Bridge into St. Louis.

Police surmise that these bikes were most likely two of the ones stolen from the store.

Police are investigating this case from both sides of the river.

If you have any information they are urged to call the O’Fallon Police Department at  (618) 624-4516.

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