‘Kids deserve to feel safe’ – Missouri’s AG on his daycare fight club investigation

ST. LOUIS - Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt spoke with Fox 2 Thursday about his investigation into a daycare fight club.

“Kids deserve to feel safe. Parents deserve to know their kids aren’t going to be involved in a daycare fight club when they drop them off in the morning,” Schmitt said.

In December 2016, teachers at Adventure Learning Center on Gravois organized a one-day fight club when the heater broke and kids were moved into a basement supply room.

In October 2018, Fox 2 News exposed the video for the first time after a mom felt no one was being held accountable.

Schmitt, a father of three, was watching.

“Like everyone else who watches that video, it’s appalling. It’s really disturbing that you have three and four-year-olds being lined up by teachers and a fight club and people being cheered on,” he said. “I was just shocked as a dad – as a citizen. And then being sworn in as attorney general five or six weeks ago, I thought it was something that was worth taking a look at.”

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office took a look after our report went viral. On November 5, Kim Gardner’s office charged both daycare workers with child endangerment. Three months later, charges were dropped after a grand jury reportedly found a lack of criminal evidence against the teachers.

The focus shifts now to their employer: Adventure Learning Center.

Schmitt demanded documents on how the daycare operates.

“…to find out what was happening at that facility,” he said. “That investigation will lead where that investigation leads and then we’ll make decisions on what to do after that.”

State law gives the AG’s office the power to do everything from issuing fines to shutting someone down.

“We’re not going to tolerate kids being harmed. We’re not going to tolerate people not feeling safe,” Schmitt said. “That’s my job as attorney general, is to make people feel safe.”

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