Electronic arm brace proves nothing is out of reach for wounded Arnold police officer

ST. LOUIS - A robotic device is allowing a wounded first responder to move his arm again.

Thanks to an electronic brace called MYOMO – short for “My Own Motion” - Arnold Police Department Officer Ryan O’Connor is beginning to flex and bend his right arm.

The right arm is one of the few complications that arose after O’Connor was shot in the line of duty December 5, 2017.

“We never knew if he was going to be able to do anything again,” his wife, Barbara O’Connor, said.

In fact, doctors were unclear whether O’Connor, 44 at the time, would be able to walk, talk, or even breathe on his own again.

Through determination, prayers, and hope, all of the above has been made possible.

The latest feat came with the assistance of the brace.

The MYOMO transmits signals to stimulate nerves in O’Connor’s arm.

With a 20-pound dumbbell in his left hand and the brace over his right arm, O’Connor is seen in a recent home video lifting and flexing.

The next steps for O’Connor are exciting ones. He will undergo intensive speech therapy that will eventually allow him to learn how to use a phone, send text messages, and even use a computer.

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