Demolition delayed for East St. Louis homeless camp

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - FOX 2 reporter Elliott Davis talks to a homeless man living at a makeshift camp in East. St. Louis. The camp was built over a year ago on private land. It was supposed to be demolished today. It appears they're getting another week to stay at the camp before the bulldozers come to flatten their homes.

An eviction notice has been served on the residents of the encampment in East St. Louis. About 10 people remain there now.

Elliott Davis talked to a homeless organization that's been in touch with the owners of the property. Joe Borque, head of The Street People, says the owners told him the camp had grown too large with too many homeless people moving in and had become a liability. Owners plan to sell the land.

Boerque says he asked the owners for more time for the people there to move out telling them the cold weather made it tougher to move. He says he got no answer to that request.

Elliott Davis attempted to reach owners but his call has not been returned. The remaining homeless people were warned that they had until February 18th to leave.  They have been granted an additional week to move.

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