Thousands of people descend to Dome at America’s Center for 7th annual President’s Day volleyball tournament

ST. LOUIS - More than 80 courts featuring the best volleyball teams around the Midwest are competing in one of the biggest volleyball tournaments in the country in St. Louis.

The event kicked off on Friday at the Dome at the America’s Center where more than 600 volleyball teams took part in the 7th Annual President’s Day Volleyball Tournament.

For parents Dan and Caitlyn Knoebel of Mascoutah, Ill. watching their daughter wearing the number 9, was a roller coaster of emotions, but in a good way.

“It’s hard on the heart,” said Mr. Knoebel, laughing.

“It’s a lot of fun to watch and we don’t mind the hard work that goes into it,” said Mrs. Knoebel.

Organizers with Indiana based Capital Sports told Fox 2 that St. Louis is a prime spot, equipped to handle such a large event.

“It’s exciting to play an event in a space that’s this big,” said event manager, Ryan Bozell,” it’s where you can come in and there’s 84 courts where you can walk around and see everyone else. I think that’s a big draw for everyone involved.”

Officials with Explore St. Louis said the holiday weekend tournament is attended by more than 10,000 people many of whom are from out of town. That also means using more than 10,000 room nights, generating over $7 million in direct economic impact for the region.

“St. Louis is our home away from home,” said tournament director, Scott McQueen, “and we have been here for a long time and we enjoy coming here and the city definitely treats us nice.”

With recruiters watching as well, for many families and their star players, the sporting event also means a chance at an even bigger opportunity to excel in a sport they are passionate about.

“Stay confident and believe in yourself,” said Mr. Knoebel, “when times are getting tough it helps them come a long way.”

“It’s definitely worth the time to watch your daughters play with what they have gained confidence wise and to learn how to be a team together,” said Mrs. Knoebel.

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