Fire crews battle vacant house fire and icy road in North County

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO - It was a busy Saturday morning for fire crews in North County dealing with a vacant house fire on Manola Avenue. But the that fire wasn’t the only emergency they were handling.

“Another pumper was way the heck up the street and decided it didn’t like it up there,” explained Danny Newberry, Battalion Chief with the Northeast Fire District, “and it wanted to come down here so it came and gave that one a kiss just, missed this ambulance and tapped that one.”

Newberry said one of the trucks involved belongs to Riverview Fire which slid down the icy road and hit a Northeast Fire truck parked at the bottom of the street.

He said, luckily no one was hurt.

The chief said it seems that someone may have been starting a fire to warm up inside of the vacant home.
“90 percent of the times its people going in doing what they do,” Newberry said, “and they start a fire to keep warm and it gets away from them.”

He went on to explain, the trucks that showed some damage from the crash, are still operable. Information on an official cause of the fire was not available.

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