Girl dropped off at wrong bus stop, found shivering in the cold

O'FALLON, Mo. - A father is upset after his 6-year-old daughter was dropped off at the wrong bus stop on Friday.

The man said his daughter is a first-grade student at Mid Rivers Elementary School in the Fort Zumwalt School District. His daughter told him she had a substitute bus driver and said when she stepped off the bus, she alerted the driver she was at the wrong stop. However, she thinks the driver didn't hear her because he closed the doors and drove away.

Richard McQueen said his wife and children went searching for her all over the neighborhood. He said they located some small footprints in the snow and followed them. He said they located his daughter shivering in the snow some 45 minutes later.

FOX 2 spoke to another parent who said his daughter, who is also a 6-year-old, didn't get off at her bus stop on Friday. His daughter attends Rock Hill Elementary School in the same district. He said when he noticed his daughter didn't get off the bus, he ran and caught up with the bus at the next bus stop. He said he told the driver his daughter didn't get off and the driver told her all of the kids got off the bus and that if his daughter didn't, then she didn't get on.

That father said he got on the bus and searched and found his daughter sleeping. He said he is upset the driver told him the girl wasn't on board the bus if he didn't really know. District staff said if the driver would have finished the route with the girl still on board, the parents would have been notified. Both families said they want the district to review its procedures. The superintendent told FOX 2 administrators are going to review GPS records next week.

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