New amphibious plane catches St. Louis police and fire departments off-guard

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - It might seem odd to see a plane rising from the Mississippi River in front of the Arch, but the amphibious "Icon A5" is meant for that.

The amphibious plane has caught the St. Louis police and firefighters off-guard after they responded to the river again today, only to find no emergency.

The pilot, Rick Reif, is a regional manager for the plane company which just started doing demonstration flights with prospective buyers on board. According to Reif, they have appropriate clearances from air traffic control and are strictly adhering to all safety regulations.

"There's obviously a lot of car traffic," Reif said. "They may have thought an airplane was going down but again it was very safe and we were following all proper procedures."

As for working with the police and fire departments, Reif said "I think it's all about communication. I think it's about us reaching out to the fire department and the St. Louis police department, just letting them know we'll be conducting water operations.

As for the airplane? It's just doing what it was designed to do: adventure flying in rivers and lakes.

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