Stray Rescue despondent over decision to euthanize rescued dog

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County officials are standing by their decision to euthanize a dog that was rescued after it was found frozen to a sidewalk.

Faust the dog was euthanized about 24 hours ago on Monday afternoon. The word from St. Louis County Animal Control is that the staff had no choice because she was showing symptoms of rabies.

Members of Stray Rescue, the group that rescued her on Friday, said there were far better options than killing the dog.

Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim spoke before dozens of volunteers at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. A mail carrier found Faust frozen to a city sidewalk Friday. Stray Rescue picked her up and took her a clinic in the county called Veterinary Specialty Services.

Grim said she was showing signs of improvement but bit a veterinarian tech, breaking the skin. She was euthanized within six hours after being picked up by county animal control. Faust couldn’t lift herself up, she was unable to walk, swayed back and forth, and had inappropriate neurological responses to stimuli, all signs she may have rabies.

Veterinarians at St. Louis County Animal Care and Control then consulted with Dr. Pue, Missouri Public Health Veterinarian, who agreed with their assessment. According to state protocol, Faust was euthanized.

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