Defense rests case, closing arguments begin in Trenton Froster murder trial

CLAYTON, Mo. – The jury in the trial of a man accused of killing a St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder will hear closing arguments Friday morning and then begin deliberations.

The defense in the Trenton Forster murder trial admits he killed officer Snyder but that he`s not guilty of first-degree murder. His lawyers have been using his troubled past as a defense.

Before noon Thursday, nine witnesses were called to the stand to speak to Forster’s alarming behavior in his past. The defense called two police officers who responded to calls for help for Forster due to him making suicidal threats.

They both spoke about his alleged mental capacity during those interactions. The defense then called a paramedic from the morning Forster shot Officer Synder. She spoke about him yelling in the ambulance and saying that he told her if he had known it was a cop who came up to his window, he wouldn`t have shot him. She testified that Forster told her Synder snuck up to his vehicle.

To give a glimpse into Forster`s adolescent years, the defense called his aunt, brother, mother and father to testify. They each spoke about him being an angry child who had problems with alcohol at a very young age.

The defense is still pleading its case and it`s unclear who will be called next to the stand. Closing arguments are scheduled to start at nine o’clock Friday morning and the jury deliberations will begin after that.

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