Residents frustrated after gushing hydrant left flowing for three days

ST. LOUIS, MO - A St. Louis fire hydrant leaking since the weekend was still gushing water Tuesday afternoon, flooding parts of north St. Louis. A vehicle struck the fire hydrant at Goodfellow and Minerva on Sunday.

FOX 2's Kim Hudson reported the problem to water officials on Sunday.

“I told them about the fire hydrant. It was falling over and water gushing out like a river running down the street. I told them what happened and they asked me to repeat it. I said Minerva and Goodfellow and he said, ‘we got calls on that. We are waiting on the water department.’”

She added, “Then I came out here Tuesday morning and I saw the stop sign on ground and I’m like is anybody going to fix it today?”

Some north St Louis residents say they are concerned about their safety and frustrated.

“So, if we were to catch on fire how much water source will we have?” asked Latasha Blunt.

“They were not in any danger. There was a lot of water and we realize that. But they weren’t in danger and, if they were, we would have addressed it right then and there,” said Curt Skouby, Water Division Commissioner.

After reporting on the issued Tuesday morning, we asked the St. Louis Water Division and city leaders why it took so long to make repairs?

“We were made aware of it a few days ago and today we started making repairs to it. We end up with a lot of main breaks. When we have this situation, we work crews long hours. They get a lot of overtime. We try to prioritize. The ones we can let run for a little bit until we get to it…we will do that and address the ones where people are out of water and causing damage,” said Skouby.

“I'm told that they had crews on 16-hour shifts in brutal cold weather. The Water Department is under staff and over worked. If the cold weather continues the way it’s going with a hundred-year-old infrastructure there will be more breaks across the city and people without water in true emergencies,” said Alderman Jeffery Boyd.

By Tuesday evening, the leak was stopped.  The Water Division wants to reassure residents that the fire hydrant will be replaced and that there are several other hydrants nearby so they were never in any danger.

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