Pothole repairs keeping MoDOT busy

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis area drivers are dealing with bumpier roads after our recent cold snap. Crews are working hard to repair potholes and pavement damage from recent freeze-thaw cycles. MoDOT crews spent Tuesday working along I-70 at Cave Springs and at Highway A and along I-44 west of 141.

Potholes form when water from melting snow and ice get into cracks in the road surface and freezes. It expands and breaks the pavement. When the ice melts, it leaves gaps inside the pavement. When cars and trucks drive over the soft, broken pavement, potholes are created.

MoDOT District Maintenance Engineer Bob Becker says if you see a road crew out working make sure you give them plenty of room and be aware that they will be moving slowly.

"This is typical for the first part of February but we’re always doing this all winter. Once we’re done plowing snow we get the spreaders off and put other equipment on and go out and patch potholes. We know it's going to happen, so it’s a routine. We haven’t had a whole lot of problem with it this year but we are out there working on it,” said Becker.

If you see a pothole, you can report it at the agency's website, www.modot.org, or by calling 1-888-275-6636.

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