Backlash against St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office after man accused of shooting at police pleads guilty to lesser charges

CLAYTON, MO - Major backlash Tuesday for the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office.

It comes after 44-year-old Brothel George of Jennings who is accused of shooting at county police officers back in February 2014, pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

In a fury of social media posts, the St. Louis County Police Association let Wesley Bell’s office know that they are mad about the deal.

“There are often times that we don’t always agree with our prosecutors,” said association president, Joe Patterson, “but this one just didn’t smell right from the very beginning.”

“The issue is that the actual defendant, in this case, was prepared to go to trial and the attorney assigned to the case was asking for 20 years in the penitentiary and just somehow out of the blue some sort of sweetheart deal was done.”

Patterson explained that the sweetheart deal could mean George getting paroled within the next two and a half years.

“So, you have a violent criminal back out on the street way sooner than he should be is the bottom line,” said Patterson.

Patterson went on to express that all of this happened at the exact same time the murder trial of officer Blake Snyder got underway.

“This is not politics, this is an awfully bad timing and this is terrible optics on the prosecutor’s office,” he said.

Bell’s office was not available for an on-camera interview but responded with a statement saying:

 “We had officers involved in the case asking that a plea agreement be reached.  There are other extenuating case intensive facts unknown to the business manager of the St. Louis County police association.  We are comfortable with the guilty plea and sentence handed down to the defendant.”

“We kind of feel like we are left out in a lurch on this one,” Patterson said.

Patterson added that even though there is not much that the association can do, they will be working on finding out how this deal was done in the first place.

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