Police warn residents of FedEX impersonator accused of stealing hefty priced cellphones

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COLUMBIA, Ill. – Police are warning people about a man who is thought to be impersonating a  FedEx driver all over Columbia.

Authorities said two residents, one in the 700 block of West St. Louis Avenue and the other in the 100 block of Ritter Road, had Verizon cell phones delivered to their homes and billed to their names. Both residents said they did not order the phones and called Verizon to inform them. Verizon then gave them shipping instructions to send the phones back.

After receiving the shipping instructions, residents said a man of Latino descent who was wearing FedEx uniform shirt, and hat picked up the phones. He was seen driving a small white Mazda.

Police later learned the man was not a FedEx employee and had not been sent by Verizon to pick up the phones.

Each phone is valued at around $1,200, police say.

Authorities are asking anyone who can help identify the man who was posing as a FedEx driver to contact The Columbia Police Department at 618-281-5151.

Also, anyone who has cell phones delivered to their home that they did not order is urged to contact police.

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