Good Samaritan saves man from burning pickup truck

ST. LOUIS - Chuck McClain said he never expected to be faced with the situation he was in last week.  He was driving on Interstate 55 near Interstate 44 in south St. Louis when the pickup truck in front of him flipped and caught fire.  McClain said he ran into some slick spots just before the pickup truck flipped.

“I was driving I guess a little too fast and I started sliding so I slowed down and I started sliding a little more,” he said.  “I slowed down a little more and within seconds that’s when he came around the corner and flipped upside down.”

McClain said he felt obligated to make sure everyone inside the pickup truck was okay even though he could see flames.

“You see something like that, you got to help them.  You got to at least try,” he said.  “I was honestly scared to death that thing was going to blow up.”

McClain said when he ran to the truck, the driver was trapped.

“He couldn’t get his seatbelt off.  He was stuck in there.  I asked somebody if they had a knife and they did,” he said.  “I cut him out and I drug him out by his hoodie.”

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reports the driver of the pickup was transported to an area hospital for multiple lacerations to his face.  McClain says the driver was able to walk around and talk to EMS crews when they arrived.

“I’m never going to let somebody burn to death right in front of me,” he said.  “That’s not going to happen.”

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