St. Clair County appoints Jim Gomric as state’s attorney

ST. CLAIR, Ill. - The St. Clair County board voted to appoint Jim Gomric as a replacement to Brendan Kelly for the County State's Attorney.

Gomric has only been in office for four days but says his number one goal is to attack violent crime. "I'm not going to change the world, I'm not silly," Gomric said, "but I'm going to try."

Gomric said that the county has an opioid epidemic that they are battling by educating kids, dealing with manufacturers and drug diversion programs, however,  gun violence is his biggest concern.

"There was a time when people got into a fist fight, somebody won, somebody lost. You might even smile afterwards and have a beer together," Gomric said. "I don't understand and will never accept that we now have a resolution by gunplay."
Gomric started his career as an assistant state's attorney and was in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer until last week.

Although East St. Louis has its fair share of crime in the county, Gomric said that statistically, homicides and other violent crimes are trending in the right direction. He said he won't stop trying to make the county as safe as any other.

"Maybe we can make a difference, maybe we can't but I'd rather leave this earth being able to say I tried," he said.
Gomric believes that through hard work, local, state, and federal cooperation much can be accomplished and that his best quality as a prosecutor is empathy.

"I'm going to work hard with the boots on the ground, who have been on the ground for a long time to do right what we have been doing right and improve what we can improve on," he said.

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