Family of Officer Alix hires attorney to act as watchdog over police investigation

ST. LOUIS – Defense attorney Scott Rosenblum is known for defending clients charged with high-profile crimes. In this case, he’s looking at many angles, ranging from a possible civil lawsuit to being a watchdog over the investigation of a St. Louis police officer who shot and killed a colleague.

“They’re interested in making sure the investigation is adequate, complete, and thorough, and they’ve engaged us to make sure that happens,” Rosenblum said.

Rosenblum wouldn’t say what he thinks about the St. Louis police investigation into Officer Nathanial Hendren but he said you can’t avoid hearing criticisms from St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

Gardner spoke about the search for truth Wednesday during a news conference on public safety.

“This young woman’s life was cut short, unfortunately, and we have to address what happened on that night,” she said.

Gardner accused police of obstructing the truth and making up their minds before starting their investigation in a January 28 letter to St. Louis Public Safety Director Judge Jimmie Edwards.

“We have to we hold our city accountable for these actions of these officers involved,” Gardner said. “At the same time, we deserve to give her the fair investigation that’s needed in this most complex case. It’s devastating.”

Rosenblum added: “So when we have a situation like that, obviously the family’s going to have questions.”

Officer Alix’s mother, father, and sister met with Rosenblum to make sure their daughter’s death would be investigated thoroughly. They said she does not deserve to be the subject of sensational rumors.

“Everybody that knew Katie loved Katie,” said Aimee Chadwick, Alix’s mother. “Katie was the best child. She’s the best person.”

Alix’s father, Ron, added: “We can use as much support as we can get. She’ll be in our hearts every day, every minute.”

Officer Hendren, who shot Alix, will be arraigned Thursday at 9 a.m. His attorney also plans to argue lowering his current cash-only bond conditions of $50,000.

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