‘Tire eating’ potholes developing along I-255 near I-64

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. – A pothole emergency popped up on I-255 near I-64 outside of Collinsville Thursday morning. It may only be the beginning.

Interstate 255 is still mostly the original pavement from when the interstate was built in the mid-1980s. So, it’s a rough go all the way from I-64 south to the JB Bridge.

The pothole that opened up on southbound I-255 just north of I-64 Wednesday was mammoth. It caused at least a half-dozen flat tires all before 6:30 a.m.

IDOT workers got out quickly to do a temporary patch.

Still, they’re having trouble keeping up on I-255. Drivers liken it to an obstacle course, with new “tire eaters” seeming to show up daily.

This pothole season has been especially bad. There have been heavy snowfalls, all the plowing and treating, then a deep freeze followed by steady rain Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

The more than 30-year-old pavement is just crumbling.

The manager of a Collinsville tire shop reported at least 25 flats on Monday alone, two days before the big one near I-64 popped. After Wednesday morning’s rush hour, IDOT workers returned to that scene for a more permanent fix.

The ultimate solution is to secure funding for a complete resurfacing of I-255, an IDOT official said.

Until then, workers will be out every day fixing potholes and scouting for new ones. Drivers can report them, too, by calling IDOT at 618-346-3100.

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