Coyotes have residents in Creve Coeur neighborhood on edge

CREVE COEUR, MO - A Creve Coeur neighborhood has some new and unwanted residents that have folks worried. The Missouri Department of Conservation said coyotes are becoming a common sight in suburban areas.  Kathy Lobonc lives in the neighborhood near Ladue Road and I-270, “We’ve noticed this over the last week. She said she noticed at least five coyotes have recently moved into her neighborhood. She took videos of some of the animals,” said Lobonc.

She worries about the safety of her two young grandchildren, her little dog Harold and other kids and pets in the neighborhood, “The coyotes over the last few days have gotten more and more aggressive,” said Lobonc.

At the same time, she loves the wildlife near her home. She added, “I embrace the animals.”

She contacted the Missouri Department of Conservation for help.  50 weeks out of the year it is legal in Missouri to shoot and kill coyotes if your municipality also allows it.  Conservation officials have a different focus.  Tom Meister is a Wildlife Damage Biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation, “The answer is not to remove them, the answer is to educate the coyote and the people, first of all, the coyotes that they’re not welcome,” said Meister.

“Not doing the obvious things leaving your trash out don’t let your pets outside without you,” said Lobonc.

Don’t feed your pets outside, make coyotes feel unwelcome, “Make lots of noise pots and pans, throw rocks and sticks, paintball guns, air horns are really effective,” said Meister.

He says coyotes do helpful things, they control the rodent population and they remove and eat dead animals from local roads and highways.

The conservation expert said killing a coyote can lead to bigger packs of the animals. If you take out the alpha male, the younger males will start breeding much earlier creating a larger population in your neighborhood.

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