Air traffic controllers at St. Louis Airport working without pay, call for end to government shutdown

ST. LOUIS – The impact of the federal government shutdown is being felt by national air traffic controllers. TSA workers employed at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport are calling for the immediate end to the longest government shutdown in US history.

Inside Lambert Airport, security lines keep moving even though the Transportation Security Administration and air traffic controllers are not being compensated.

“We show our pride every single day when you talk on the frequency; it's what runs through your blood,” said Toby Hauck, air traffic controller. “We love it and we enjoy it. We are passionate about our job.”

US Senator Dick Durbin met with air traffic controllers Tuesday afternoon to hear how the shutdown is becoming detrimental to their livelihood.

“Many of these air traffic controllers are working six-day weeks for some period of time,” Durbin said. “Imagine that – six days a week and now imagine that when you are not being paid.”

Radio personalities from 106.5 The Arch delivered Imo’s pizza and other goodies to the hundreds of TSA workers at the airport. The radio station wanted to show how much it appreciates the furloughed employees.

“It this is not the stress that we need at our job,” Hauck said. “The government shutdown has to stop. There has to be a way to fix this immediately.”

The air traffic controllers said they’re encouraging everyone to contact lawmakers to end the shutdown.

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