Some parents and students express safety concerns after two parkway west students are hit by car

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CHESTERFIELD, MO - Two Parkway West High School students were sent to the hospital after they were struck by a car late Tuesday afternoon.
Chesterfield Police said that a driver who first rear-ended another car, jumped on to the sidewalk hitting both girls as they walked along Clayton Road on the sidewalk, heading east.

Police said the driver of the striking car also knocked out part of a wooden fence.

The girls were rushed to a nearby hospital. Sergeant Keith Rider said that one student who suffered the most injuries was in serious but stable condition and her injuries are non-life threatening. The other student had minor injuries.

After hearing about the two students who attend the same high school as her son, Jennifer Jones couldn’t help but get emotional.

“I can’t even imagine my son being in an accident like that, that would tear me up," said Jones while choking back tears.

Police did not provide any immediate details on what may have led to the accident.

Fox 2 asked the department if accidents or near misses are common occurrences in the area near where Tuesday's crash occurred.

“It’s very rare in that area," said Rider, "usually it’s a pretty safe area as far as traffic accidents go.”

But Jennifer Jones believes there are some reasons for concern.

“We hear ambulances fairly often," she said, "because at Henry and Schoettler there’s accidents at least once a week because people try to run the light and then other people T-bone them.”

Jennifer’s son, Jailyn Jones said that he often walks to and from school.

“It’s scary, very scary," he said, "and its unsettling to know that you can’t even feel safe on the sidewalk.”

School principal Dr. Jeremy Mitchell said that all parents were notified immediately.

“We all have kids and we can’t watch them 24/7," said Mitchell, "so I think it’s just reminding them especially in conditions like this (referring to snow-covered sidewalks) just to be really careful and sometimes to no fault of your own things happen and just to always be on guard.”

The case remains under police investigation.

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