Massive winter storm buries Montgomery City MO

MONTGOMERY CITY, MO - While the St. Louis metro certainly got slammed with 11 inches of snow, Montgomery City got nearly double that with 20 inches!

Huge piles of snow are all around Montgomery City, and that has the community trying to dig out from the massive storm.

Public Works Director Dorsey Stotler and his crews have been working to clear snow from the streets since Friday afternoon.

That has been no easy task.

“It`s a wet snow, it`s heavy, it`s hard to push. You know, it takes a lot longer,” said Stotler about the snow.

It`s hard to shovel as well.

We met Bryan Sherman as he tried to do some shoveling outside of his home.

“Out there by the road, it`s hard to move.  I mean that stuff is really thick and icy and frozen. This stuff here (by his mailbox) ain`t bad,” said Bryan about the snow around his driveway.

Sunday afternoon was the first time Patsy Speight had been out of her home since the storm hit on Friday.

She shoveled her driveway then moved on to her family`s insurance business along the main street through town.

“We like snow, but this is a lot to handle,” said Patsy.

The massive snow didn`t mean all work...there was some play as well.

The Finch`s built a snow a family favorite with the family`s three young children.

As for Dorsey, he had this message about winter: “No more snow. Let`s go into spring.”

Workers will spend the next week taking all of the stacked-up snow to an area outside of the main part of town.

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