St. Louisans make the usual runs to grocery and hardware stores ahead of winter storm

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Whether it’s poor planning or panic buying, many St. Louisans are stocking up before the snowfall.

At the Westlake Ace Hardware in Brentwood, shoppers were buying up items to both help and prevent he slipping and the sliding this weekend.

“We’re getting some ice melt some swelling and some shovels so that we are prepared for the big one,” said shopper Ted Rafferty.

Ace is the place with the helpful hardware people were moving rock salt, shovels, and barbecue items for those who aren’t bothered by the cold and upcoming snow.

“And we do (sell) a lot of rock salt … shovels, de-icer, anti-freeze, and windshield washer fluid,” said Brett Gilliam, general manager of the Ace store.

Mark Harris, store manager at the Schnucks Market at Dorset and McKelvey, said folks are coming in for the usual winter weather staples before any anticipated snowfall.

“…to buy the eggs, butter, the ground beef, all the bananas...staple items for the storm, and that several customers tell me that the French toast is the number one item,” he said.

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