St. Louis City residents plead with other residents to pick up trash

ST. LOUIS - Some St. Louis City residents are fed up with people trashing their neighborhoods. They told Fox 2/News 11 Monday, that it’s an ongoing problem with people throwing trash in alleys and streets.

“It's a safety hazard, there’s broken glass over there," said long-time resident, Shawn Williams, "there are glass bottles in the alley, there’s vermin, it’s an eyesore.”

Some of the streets include Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Osage Streets.

Lana Camp-Jessop who lives just a few blocks down from Shawn said that she’s been spending time cleaning up the garbage that other people are throwing instead of putting it in the city provide dumpsters.

“I can’t keep up with it," said Camp-Jessop, "I have been cleaning this place up for ten years and nothing happens other than people coming in and trashing the place up again.”

Last year, Fox 2/News 11 reported on a few stories about overflowing dumpsters, illegal dumping and spare tires that were seen strewn about the city.

The city told us Monday that it has since cleaned up that mess and is staying on top of it.

But the trash that's thrown outside of dumpsters is resident and property owner responsibility.

“If the time goes by where the owner does not come and clean up the mess and clean up the health issue here then the city is entitled to go on their property and clean up and in turn the property owner a billed for the clean up by the city," said city street director, Jamie Wilson.

While the city’s Trash Task Force, created a few years ago, doesn’t handle littering, we are told that it monitors the more than 100 cameras installed throughout the city.

None of them are fixed and their movement or placement is based on the calls for service to the Citizen Service Bureau.

“We have to clean up this garbage," said Williams, "we have to clean up this trash, we have to change the mindset of the people who live here.”

To report trash issues, contact CSB at 314-622-4800.

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