Mayor Krewson touts city’s 2018 accomplishments in public address

ST. LOUIS – Tearing down the old and planning for the future. That was the focus of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson's news conference Thursday as she looks back on the accomplishments of 2018.

Krewson touted the city’s success; among them: $8 billion in projects currently underway and $1.2 billion in construction permits.

One of the main focuses over the past year was the demolition of vacant properties.

“We have demolished 313 buildings compared to 149 in 2017, so more than double, but we have 270 buildings under contract to be demolished,” she said.

Mayor Krewson discussed the possibility of a statewide vote on a city-county merger.

When asked about the Better Together Initiative, the mayor said the purpose is to combine the old city and the old county into a new metro city that can grow as a region.

The vote would take place in November 2020.

“The reason that it has to be a statewide vote is how I understand it, is that this is a new metro city-county that doesn't exist, so that has to be a state constitutional amendment to do that,” Krewson said.

If approved, all current government offices in the city and county would be suspended within five to six weeks and a transitional government would take over for 15 months, pending elections.

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