Christmas Eve shopping therapeutic for some people while others call it ‘nerve wracking’

ST. LOUIS - If you were out shopping Monday for a last-minute holiday gift you weren’t alone.

It had been a mad dash all day at some area shopping centers that stayed open late on Christmas Eve.

Some people told Fox 2 that they are pretty good last-minute gift shoppers.

“I am the queen of last-minute shopping," said Linda Friesen who was shopping at the Walgreens store in Richmond Heights.

Friesen said she was in and out in no time.

“I think it’s been easy this time I don’t know why," Friesen said, "it’s like the lines haven’t been too long.”

Julia Bush admitted to being a procrastinator but still, she said, shopping on Christmas Eve is kind of therapeutic.

“It’s something to do with your time that makes you feel good, other than obviously spending time with your family," she said laughingly.

We caught up some other people making a mad dash to Target in Brentwood.

And unlike Julia at Walgreens, James Housman wasn’t finding it all to be therapeutic.

“Very nerve-wracking," said Housman, "I couldn’t find parking, couldn’t do anything.”

Eugene Carr and his family walked out with two carts full but he said it wasn’t easy.

“The aisles are tight and everybody is pushing and shoving and it’s the last present," Carr said.

Still, though, Eugene managed to keep a smile because he said he prepared for it.

“I mentally prepared myself," Carr said, "I relaxed this morning so that I knew when the levels escalated that I still wouldn’t go above that, so I’ve been nice and smiley to everybody.”

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