Billboard campaign spreading “Love” across St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO - A St. Louis woman is spreading a message of love this holiday season. Billboards with the word "love" on them are starting to pop-up along St. Louis area highways. Carole Glauser is sponsoring the billboards.

“It’s a movement, a campaign called “Love on Every Billboard.”

A Kirkwood native, Glauser heard about the campaign from the founder, John Pogachar, who put the first billboard up in Spokane, Washington about two months ago. The mission is simple, spread love and make positive vibrations.

“I said how can I bring this to St. Louis and he said find an agency that has billboards,” explained Glauser.

She found an agency and paid $1,500 of her own money to get the first billboard up. It’s up for the next 30 days at I-44 and 141.  On Friday, another one went up on eastbound I-70 just after Bermuda. She paid for this one with donations from a GoFundMe page she set up.

“I haven’t heard any negativity like, ‘Well this is a waste of money.’ They're like, “This is fantastic. Go!’”

“Love on Every Billboard” is in the process of becoming a non-profit. For Carole, this message of love is vital.

“It’s the thing that unites us in oneness. No matter what the background is or political affiliation or ego beliefs are, your essence is love.”

The ad agency Carole is buying through, OUTFRONT Media, is going to put the word “Love” on their digital billboard along I-170 from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve for free.

“There's no way to quantify the ripples that go out from this. I just trust its happening. Trust that people who see it are affected,” said Glauser.

For more information:

To donate: GoFundMe: Love on Every Billboard St. Louis campaign

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