Trash pick-up complaints prompts Meridian Waste to promise improved changes in service

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FLORISSANT, MO - Some people living in Florissant said they are sick and tired of not getting their trash picked up on time.

Monday night at a city council meeting, they wanted answers from Meridian Waste, as to why.

"They (Meridian Waste) go down one street and pick up trash but then skip the next street," said Christine McCullough who lives in the Crest Aire subdivision, "why don't you (Meridian Waste) just do the whole subdivision? That's what I don't understand."

Derrick Standley, Government Affairs Manager with the waste company addressed city council saying the company is aware of the issues, that residents are raising.  He said the company has made significant changes in its management and that it will improve its service.

One councilmember was heard saying that the problem is getting out of hand and that the company has been making promises for the past six months.

The attorney for Florissant also addressed Standley saying that the city and its residents are very frustrated by the problem that has to be rectified.

Standey said that one of the reasons trash isn’t getting picked up on time is because sometimes a driver is more likely to forget a stop when he or she isn’t on a familiar route regularly or happens to be driving a truck that isn’t assigned to that person.

Meanwhile, McCullough said that even when she pays her trash services bill on time, the company continues to fail with picking up her trash on time.

Standley said that residents should begin to see a change within the next few weeks

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