SLU student recalls being robbed at the same location as 3 students Sunday morning

ST. LOUIS – Three students are robbed at gunpoint near the Saint Louis University campus

where authorities are issuing a campus crime alert to students.

Fox 2/News 11talked to a student who was robbed in the same location last year.

St. Louis University issued a campus crime alert to students warning them about an armed robbery that occurred Sunday morning around 1 am on the north side of the campus on the west side of a parking lot along Spring Avenue.

Police say 3 female SLU students were targeted.  The students said the suspect drove up in a dark-colored vehicle then robbed the students at gunpoint.

A student who was robbed at this location last year during the holiday season says she feared for her life and it’s a day she will never forget.

“If you are confronted by someone who demands something just give that to them,” said Jim Moran, SLU Assistant Vice President Chief of Public Safety.

“It seemed these students did the things we asked. They walked in pairs and were not alone. They appeared to be aware of their surroundings and we want students to know that property can be replaced,” said Moran.

Marcy Hannick, who is a junior at the university says she was also robbed at gunpoint in the middle of the day while with friends near the same location last year.

“I was like I just could not believe it happened again I also wanted to reach out to the people that it happened to and say that happened to me if you need anything I been through this,” said Marcy Hannick, SLU student.

Hannick says the armed robbery was a horrifying experience, “They asked us for directions.  He came, started walking back towards us and he pulled out a gun and asked for our money.  We only had like $7 in cash.  I froze, I just did not know what to do, I had my hands up and I was like, I was scared but also like don’t do anything stupid.  Do whatever he wants, our lives are more important.”

“We always ask our students to not walk with your cell phone out looking at your cell phone be aware of their surroundings,” said Moran.

“These students seem to do the right thing they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Said Moran.

The subject is described as a black male in his late 20's or early 30's.  He was approximately 5 foot 11 inches tall and was wearing dark colored clothing and dark-colored cap.

In light of this incidents, SLU DPS wants to remind students to follow the safety suggestions below to reduce your chances of being a victim of a crime. They also recommend that you never resist relinquishing your property when confronted by an armed subject. Property can always be replaced.

Remain alert and aware of your surroundings.

Walk with others whenever possible, especially at night.

Scan parking lots, sidewalks and streets for suspicious persons or activity.

Look confident and purposeful when you walk.

Report any suspicious activity or persons to DPS by calling 314-977-3000.

Call SLU Ride at 314-977-7433 for free safety escort on campus. Register your cell phone in Banner to receive alerts through SLU’s Emergency Notification System.  Download the Rave Guardian App on your mobile device.

If you are the victim of a crime, and if the incident occurs on campus, call DPS immediately at 314-977-3000.  If the incident occurs off campus, call 911 immediately.  After calling 911, contact DPS at 314-977-3000 as soon as possible.

St. Louis city police are searching for the suspect.

An investigation is ongoing.

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