Ballwin pretreating roads ahead of weekend weather

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BALLWIN, Mo. – A cold weekend is in store for St. Louis but that isn’t stopping folks from heading out to the stores ahead of the holidays.

“Sure we are getting out Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays,” says one shopper.

Another shopper says, “We have holiday shopping and stuff to prepare for family coming in next weekend so yep I’ll be out.”

The City of Ballwin is trying to prepare for snow, just in case, while also getting a little more bang for their buck.

A resident recently asked the Ballwin Public Works Department why it was brining the roads when the forecast looks dry and is this a good use of funds.

Public works director Jim Link broke it down.

It costs $1,050 for salt and labor to pretreat but if crews wait until the snow hits it costs about $10,728 for salt, additional workers, and their overtime.

“No, I wouldn’t have … thought it would cost near that much,” says a resident.

Link says salt brine will stay on the road for at least 30 days as long as it’s dry but rock salt gets pushed to the curb with traffic. This comes as forecasters anticipate freezing temperature overnight through the beginning of next week.

“I think you have to temper the safety with the cost and if it makes sense and all things work out for the drivers and the residents then absolutely,” says one driver.

Another says, “I think safety is more important than the cost. As a woman, I’m always scared to drive and slide on the roads.”

“I think it’s fine. They treat the roads really well. I think it’s not that big of a deal if they do it now and save us a little bit of money and our taxes,” says another woman.

Another driver says, “It’s a good idea. It’s important to keep the road safe, yet be responsible fiscally.”

The public works department encourages people to come forward if they have any questions about how it all works.

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