SSM Health Medical Minute: Pregnancy centering is a rising trend

ST. LOUIS – Safety and comfort are the most important things to consider when having a baby. But many women, are selecting certified nurse midwives to participate in their prenatal care.

SLUCare has two certified nurse midwives at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital whose patients include participating in pregnancy centering which brings together women in a group setting for their prenatal care.

Rebekah Hasler is a SLUCare certified nurse midwife who has been caring for women with the pregnancy centering model for many years. This specialized prenatal care program, provided by SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital, includes ten group visits and as many private visits you need during your pregnancy and is free as part of a prenatal program. During the group visits, patients meet with a SLUCare certified nurse midwife and 8-10 other women who are all due around the same time. Each centering visit includes a private check-up, group conversation, and support from other moms.

Certified nurse midwives work in collaboration with the OB/GYN team to support moms on their prenatal and post-natal journey. Centering helps moms-to-be prepare for birth, get ready to care for their baby and participate actively in their healthcare. hey also have more time with their chosen provider and focus on the benefits of self-care which is good for the baby and family.

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