Brothers charged for selling woman fatal dose of fentanyl

ALTON, Ill. – Two brothers are facing charges for allegedly supplying a young woman with the fentanyl that killed her.

This case started months ago when 20-year-old Camille Alton from Alton took a deadly dose of fentanyl.

“These are lowlifes; these are evil doers. And for them to sell drugs knowing that drug can kill people, those are the lowest of low people in our society,” said Alton Police Chief Jason Simmons.

Derek Day, 23, and Darin Day, 32, were charged with drug-induced homicide and controlled substance trafficking in connection with Camille’s death.

“Any overdose death is tragic, any death that we have is tragic, especially when it’s a 20-year-old woman who doesn’t get to live her life,” Simmons said.

Camille’s fatal ordeal began on February 18 at a home on Humbert Road in Godfrey. Investigators said she bought fentanyl from the Day brothers then took the dangerous drug and overdosed on it.

Simmons said people at the home took Camille to Alton Memorial Hospital but she died two days later.

“She inhaled the fentanyl and she just passed out and she died,” he said.

The chief said his officers were passionate about tracking down those who supplied the fentanyl to Camille.

They spent months building a case, talking with witnesses and confidential sources. And they found more important evidence from the cameras on the Clark Bridge.

“The bridge cameras obviously played an important part in the investigation because we were able to track the drug suppliers coming and going from the bridge from the St. Louis-area,” Simmons said.

Camille’s mother gave Fox 2/KPLR 11 a statement, reading in part: “Camille was a vibrant, beautiful, highly creative, and intelligent young woman with many gifts to share. Her vibrancy and generosity continues to live on, as Camille is an organ donor. We pray that full justice is served to the individuals responsible for her death. She is overwhelmingly missed.”

Chief Simmons said he the charges will help bring peace to Camille’s family.

“We will do everything in our power to investigate these incidents,” he said. “And we will do everything in our power to arrest and throw these scum bags in jail that are dealing these drugs to these innocent children.”

Derek Day was already behind bars in a separate case when these charges came down; Darin Day was recently taken into custody. They could face many years behind bars if convicted in this case.

Meanwhile, Camille’s family said her organ donations have helped to save the lives of four people.

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