Contractor seriously injured in electrical arcing accident

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ST. LOUIS - An Ameren subcontractor was taken to the hospital following an electrical arcing in south St. Louis Wednesday morning.

“The lights in the building started flickering on and off about four times and alerted me to go outside the building and see what was going on,” said Lorenzo Jackson.

Nearly two blocks away, Jackson captured video of the scene at the corner of Osage and South Broadway just before 10 a.m.

“I saw these two workers and one of them was wrapping the other one up in bandages and all of his front area was all burnt,” he said.

A spokesperson for the St. Louis Fire Department said there was an electrical arcing and one patient was transported to a hospital with electrical shock.

Ameren said one of its subcontractors was inside the manhole when a cable malfunctioned.

“It was nothing like I have ever seen before. The manhole on the ground in the street where they were working was smoking as well,” Jackson said.

Ameren said its main concern now is the well-being of the individual that was injured and said it’s investigating the incident.

“I hope he’s okay cause I’ve never seen anything like it,” Jackson said.

Ameren said it does not have to file a report with OSHA in this particular case but it will notify the Missouri Public Service Commission.


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