Police confirm business card was key to cracking Catholic Supply case

CLAYTON, Mo. – St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said tips were critical to solving this case and confirmed a business card was key.

The chief said suspect Thomas Bruce gave someone his business card before Bruce reportedly sexually assaulted women and killed one of them in the Catholic Supply store on November 19.

Belmar said it’s dangerous to release too much information because he wants a conviction. However, the chief talked a little about the break involving the business card, saying it came about when detectives returned to re-canvas the crime scene.

“That leads us to identifying a business card and then we’re able to take that information and identify Thomas Bruce as a potential suspect in this case,” Belmar said. “That’s really what broke the case. It goes back to the fact we put information out there. It’s an important case, though they all are, especially when you don’t have an individual that’s identified at this point.”