Duo part of nationwide theft gang caught in St. Charles County

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O'FALLON, MO - A Florida duo part of a nationwide theft gang were caught in St. Charles County.

O'Fallon police said Steven Charles of Miami and his usual accomplice Jotryce Trujillo of Kissimmee mostly targeted women stealing their purses, wallets, cell phones, credit cards, gift cards and other valuables from cars some of which were parked at gyms.

Police said that a whopping 65-page criminal history from six different states follows Charles, who has an out of state fugitive warrant. The crimes include burglary, stealing, illegal use of credits cards and several more.

The crime committed in O'Fallon is too close to home for Jennifer Hoff who said she had a similar experience last week in Bridgeton.

“Somebody broke out the window in my car, stole my purse and a number of valuables out of there," Hoff explained.

Hoff said the suspects were never caught.

“It’s something I never do, I never leave my purse in my car but it only takes a second," Hoff continued.

Police said Charles and Trujillo are part of the infamous group known as the 'Felony Lane Gang.'

Former Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce sent out a warning about this gang while she was in office a couple of years ago.

The crooks usually target women who leave their cars at daycares, fitness centers and retail parking lots, even if the car is locked.

“Yeah I just left my trunk open," said Pat Eichenlaub as she left a store Tuesday evening, "you can never be too careful but I’ll be much more careful now.”

While it may be a relief to know two more bad people are off the streets some people doing their holiday shopping said that they are taking extra precautions.

“Be aware of your surroundings, I never leave my purse or phone in the car and have my keys ready to go and watch around me as I’m walking to the car," said Amy Eilering of Wentzville.

Police said the case remains an open investigation with Charles and Trujillo facing several felony charges including stealing.

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