“He was acting psychotic” – Man describes alleged Catholic Store killer’s rage during October encounter

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – A Jefferson County man says he encountered suspected killer Thomas Bruce’s rage during a profanity-laced confrontation.

The man does not want to be identified but provided proof of his encounter in the form of a Missouri State Highway Patrol incident report, which names “Thomas Jerome Bruce.”

“(Bruce) was acting very psychotic, very erratic, and even more so with the officer than with me,” the man said.

Bruce is the same man who allegedly sexually assaulted women and murdered one of them in a suburban Catholic Supply store Monday.

The man who came forward to Fox 2 said he encountered him in October.

“The guy was trying to start something,” he said. “(Bruce) was intentionally trying to get a reaction out of me.”

It began as road rage, with Bruce reportedly angry that motorists were not driving fast enough. The anonymous man told us Bruce was weaving between lanes and riding bumpers.

“I was doing 50 to 55 in a 50. I was in the fast lane, so I moved over to get out of his way and the fact he slid back over, I’m like, ‘What’s going on here?’” the man said.

He said Bruce pulled right in front of him and slammed on his brakes. They collided.

“He comes out of the car and he’s like, ‘You`re my (bleeping) problem!’ He’s like, ‘You’re going to (bleeping) pay!’ When he’s doing this he’s, like, chest bumping me and trying to get me to fight him,” the man said. “He was worse with the officer than he was with me. He’s like, ‘You (bleep)-ing work for me, I’m a citizen, I pay your (bleep)-ing salary’ and just continues to even get closer to the officer and get physical with the officer.”
He said the officer diffused the situation but something else struck him as odd:

“He’s like whatever you Notre Dame (bleep) (bleeper). I’m like, okay. It was a jersey. I just got done doing a bike ride. I’m thinking maybe this guy doesn’t like Catholics, I don’t know.”

Court records show Bruce had no significant criminal history until this week. The reported October road rage incident did not result in charges.

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