Mizzou freshman who almost died from E. coli, has stark warning about newest romaine lettuce advisory

CLAYTON, MO - Stephanie Ingberg is a college freshman at Mizzou.  Some say it’s a miracle she’s alive.  We first reported on just how sick she became after eating romaine lettuce in March.  She nearly died.  Doctors blamed E. coli.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you but then when it does happen to you, you’re like why don’t more people listen,” said Ingberg.

She’s talking about the latest warning surrounding romaine lettuce.  The CDC is advising everyone to avoid eating any romaine lettuce due to several E. coli cases.

“Just throw it out,” said Ingberg.

That’s exactly what the owner of Peno in Clayton is doing.  Chef Pepe Kehm threw away his entire lot of Romaine lettuce on Tuesday.  He said it’s a small price to pay to make sure customers are eating safe food.

“I think a case of romaine is probably around $30 dollars,” he said.   “Any food that we do, we want to make it right.”

Kehm says there are enough varieties of lettuce that he can continue to make salads.  He says even though Thanksgiving week is a busy time for restaurants, he’ll have plenty of leafy greens for his customers.

Ingberg said her kidney function will continue to be monitored for the rest of her life due to the E. coli.  She did receive some good news on Tuesday.  An MRI revealed she has normal brain function.

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