Cardinals debut ‘victory blue’ uniforms

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The Cardinals are making a big deal about a new blue jersey.  The "victory blue" road jerseys are a throwback and a modern twist on the team's iconic look.  Ozzie Smith is at Ballpark Village to introduce fans to the new uniforms.

The Cardinals said that they were going to make a big announcement Monday.  A tweet from the team offered some "powder blue" clues. The Cardinals tweeted out the iconic Ozzie Smith photo from the 1985 World Series doing his poplar backflip flip. The tweet only said, "A big announcement is coming soon, you`re gonna flip."  That doesn`t say a lot, but the color of his jersey does. Many anxious fans are eyeing the blue jersey in the photo and believe the powder blue gear could be making comeback.

Here`s a little history about power blue jerseys and its possible comeback.   The Cubs started the trend back in the 1940s, but they shelved it after 2 years. Skip ahead to 1976, that`s when the cards picked up on the trend and held it for nine years. More recently, the cards wore them last year in Seattle as a throwback.

A fan page caught on that Ozzie Smith`s iconic photo is actually photoshopped blue so that could be an even more clear indication.   The big announcement came at 11am at Ballpark Village.