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Apartment residents concerned over peacock on the lam

BELLEVILLE, IL - A Belleville apartment complex has a new unwanted neighbor, a peacock.  Some of the residents are concerned about Peacock.

A story popped up in an email about a peacock making appearances near Belleville, Illinois along Eiler Road, where the bright blue bird has been seen in recent weeks.

“It`ll come back here in the back at night time and go to sleep and then it welcomes us in the morning,” said Shania Simm.

“Been at people`s front doors.  They`ve sent me ring videos from their camera on their doorbell and we`ve sent someone out to grab it four or five times now and we can`t get it.  We can`t find it.  Every time he goes, he`s gone,” said Shawn Howland, Property Manager H3 Captial Real Estate.

The same holds for us on our Metro East search until we saw of the elusive peacock that showed up from a nearby farm.

“If we could catch him we would bring him to her.  But he does not want to be caught.  Born free I guess,” said Simms.

And as to the peacock shaking its tail feathers at resident’s or dogs?

“I haven`t.  I tried to jump at it to see if it would react but it didn`t.  So, I`m assuming he`s officially made this his home,” said Simms.

“Property management for 30 years and I`ve never once had a peacock.  I`ve had an alligator.  I`ve had bats.  I`ve had squirrels, you name it.  Never a peacock,” said Howland.

As of Monday afternoon, the peacock was still somewhere out there on the prowl.