Man posing as Social Security Administration employee targets immigrants, demands personal information

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CHESTERFIELD, MO - We tend to think of the elderly as the targets of scams.  But con artists have found another group.

Chesterfield Police said a man appears to be preying on immigrants – demanding payments from them.

In this case, a man’s caller ID indicates that he is from the Social Security Administration, Chesterfield Police Sgt. Keith Rider said.

“They were able to spoof that phone number to try to make it a little more believable,” he said.

He demands personal information, including bank account and social security numbers, Rider said.

A Chesterfield woman fell for the act and gave the imposter her social security number before she realized it was a scam, and hung up.

Sgt. Rider said the woman was not from the United States, and that there might have been a slight language barrier.

Criminals have cold-called immigrants, thinking they can bully them into giving money.

“[Some] aren’t full citizens yet. So, they’re a little more on edge of trying to do the right thing, and doing what someone on the other line tells them they need to do,” he said.

It is unclear if the woman who was scammed had any of her information compromised since the call earlier this month.

Police said the best advice is to remain alert when speaking to strangers.

“I would just suggest hanging up, and calling either law enforcement or the agency they’re claiming to be,” he said. “Some of them run a really good scam. If you’re not paying attention, you can be taken by that.”

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