Even a brief Facebook outage can prove costly for local businesses

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ST. LOUIS - Did you know Facebook had an outage earlier today? Aside from the basic inconvenience, it presented some major issues for businesses.

Facebook has 2.27 billion active monthly users. When the site goes down, people are going to notice. Facebook had a 45-minute outage earlier Monday.

“Facebook went down, yeah. Amazon goes down too. They all go down at some point,” said Rob Timmermann, Timmermann Group.

Timmermann said Facebook has become a monumental tool in advertising. It’s not the only one but an important one his team uses as they produce leads for its clients. When the site goes down, people lose money!

“I know people who spend $50,000 a day on Facebook advertising and if that’s down one day, that’s an enormous revenue lost,” he said.

Spend any time on Facebook and you'll notice more ads showing up than in previous years. Timmermann said that's because Facebook’s algorithm changed.

“You used to be able to put out posts without any money behind it but now you're being required to put money behind it so they push it out to your audiences,” he said.

Facebook hasn’t explained the cause of Monday’s outage but for businesses who rely on the visibility, they can’t get back the lost time. Timmermann suggested businesses try a dynamic approach utilizing several tools to reach consumers.

“That one customer that could have been on that Facebook blast, that could be a lifetime customer for you and you lost that,” Timmerman said.

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