State legislator agrees it’s time to change Missouri’s child support law

The You Paid For It Team is spotlighting the need to revise a provision of Missouri's child support law that's a burden on fathers, families, and taxpayers.

Now a new influential voice in the state legislature is supporting the effort for changing the provision that allows the state to take away driver’s licenses and occupational licenses for nonpayment of child support.

Taxpayers are getting hit with a high bill because of some people end up going to prison over not paying their child support.

There are some 153 offenders in state prison.  Taxpayers spend $58 a day per offender to incarcerate them and that comes out to millions of dollars a year that you’re paying.

Representatives Karla May, who will soon become a state senator is convinced that the license suspension provision is working against dads and families.

The You Paid For It Team already asked Governor Parson to get involved in the effort to make a change in the law.  The Governor told Elliott he's all for changing the law so that it's not such a burden on so many fathers who lose their license and can't work and pay their child support.