St. Louis Art Museum presents new ‘Graphic Revolution’ exhibit on display

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ST. LOUIS - The St. Louis Art Museum wants you to take another look at how you experience art.

After all, that`s what some of their featured artists have done.

“The title of the exhibition is ‘Graphic Revolution American Prints 1960 to Now,' says Gretchen Wagner, Mellon Fellow for prints drawings and photographs.   “It`s a show that`s a survey of the medium of printmaking and of contemporary art.”

“One of the things really highlighted in Graphic Revolution is that there are printers and print publishers who for the last six, seven, eight decades inviting artists into the print shop,” says Elizabeth Wyckoff, Curator Prints Drawings & Photographs.

The new exhibit is a unique opportunity to see artwork from well-known artists in print form.

Work that rarely sees the light of day.

“Works on paper need to not be in the light for too long a period,” says Wagner.  “For that reason, we can only display them for certain periods of time.  So, this is a unique opportunity for things that might not be seen again.”

Meanwhile Wednesday afternoon, something that might not be seen again, at least in this shape, the installation of an art piece you can put your feet on or drive over soon.

“Traditionally sculpture is set on a pedestal,” says Simon Kelly, Curator Modern & Contemporary Art St. Louis Art Museum.  “But for Richard Serra he wanted the sculpture set in the ground for the public to walk over the work and really interact with it on a personal level.”

The artwork dates from 1970 and is Serra`s` first outdoor public sculpture.

While work continues Fine Arts Drive, a Richard Serra sculpture is being permanently installed and filled with asphalt in the coming weeks.

And while the Serra sculpture takes shape, you can see the shapes of the Graphic Revolution in person through February.


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