St. Louis Hill neighborhood on heightened alert after one of 2 back-to-back burglaries leaves elderly woman injured

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ST. LOUIS - St. Louis City Police are investigating a late Friday night burglary where they said intruders broke into the home of an elderly woman in the St. Louis Hill neighborhood on Berra Court. They said the 2 suspects knocked her down to the ground and hit her on one of her sides. They then rummaged through her drawers and took off.

Police said shortly after, another break-in happened just a mile away on Shaw Avenue.

Fox 2 briefly spoke with the 85-year-old victim over the phone who told us she's recovering at her home.

We also caught up with the second victim, Jennifer Vierrether.

Vierrether said she had decided to go to bed earlier than usual this past Friday night but just before hitting deep sleep, she heard a noise coming from the back of the house making her jump out of bed.

“I just started turning on my lights and screaming and running to the door and put my hands up just to keep it closed," Vierrether explained.  “My door frame was all torn apart. I need a new door frame now, they had been hitting at the deadbolt.”

Police can’t say yet if the two incidents are related.

“It’s incredibly violating to think that you’re in your own home and someone is trying to get in," said Vierrether.

Neighbors said that violent crime is rare in the neighborhood.

“It’s a safe neighborhood," said Robert Steckhan, "but we are going to be alert and we will be looking to see what’s going on in our neighborhood.”

“We have four and five generations of people here so you think you know everyone but you don’t," said another neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Residents said that while it’s unnerving to know that the burglars are still out there, they’re making sure to add extra protection to their homes while continuing to look out for another.

“I have learned through experience, no matter where you are, things can happen, but you can’t live your life every single thinking that," Vierrether said.

Police said they don’t have a description of the burglars in either case but anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-TIPS.

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