St. Louis City firefighters canvass neighborhoods testing smoke alarms

ST. LOUIS – With Daylight Saving Time coming to an end, the St. Louis Fire Department hopes you won't forget to check your smoke alarms and change the batteries.

The St. Louis City Fire Department is raising awareness about the Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery program.

For years, the City of St. Louis Fire Department has supported the program and firefighters say that working smoke alarms save lives. In fact, firefighters say that having a working smoke alarm increases your survival rate in a fire by 50 percent.

The St. Louis Fire Department and the American Red Cross will be canvassing neighborhoods Sunday in St. Louis City. They will be testing smoke alarms and offering new ones in what they're calling a "smoke detector blitz.”

The National Fire Protection Association reports that three in five home fire deaths occurred in homes that either did not have smoke alarms or the alarms did not work.

Fire officials also say it is imperative that smoke alarms are checked monthly and change batteries when necessary, or at least twice annually. They recommend doing that when Day Light Saving Time begins and ends.

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