DEA warns parents about drug-laced look-alike Halloween candy

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ST. LOUIS - The feds are warning parents this Halloween about drug-laced look-alike candy that is showing up in the Midwest. It has not shown up in the St. Louis area yet but the Drug Enforcement Administration in St. Louis is concerned.

When your kids go out for trick or treating this year make sure they don’t become victims of a trick that could make them sick or even kill them. William Callahan is the DEA Special Agent in Charge in St. Louis, “My fear as a parent is that a young child gets hold of this not knowing what is in there and eats it.”

He was warning parents, agents have seen a rise in commercial production and illegal distribution of various types of drug-laced look-alike candies. For example, instead of Kit Kat it says Keet Kat.

“Primarily what we`re putting an alert out to is warning candies that look like commercially available candies that may contain similar in appearance as you`d find in your local supermarket,” said Callahan.

Parents and grandparents said they will be extra vigilant this year.  Donnie Brannon is a grandfather, “Make sure they’re not getting into it before they get home and then make sure you go through all really good. “

One year ago, this month in the town of Jerseyville, Illinois two people were arrested for making candy laced with drugs. 31-year-old Brett E. McLoughan was sentenced to four years in prison according to the office of the prosecuting attorney. The other suspect is awaiting sentencing.

And, this week people in the Midwest are worried about the latest criminals contaminating candy.

If you find some suspicious candy call your local police, and they will get in touch with the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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