Governor Parson says the policy of taking licenses from those behind in child support needs better approach

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The You Paid For It Teams digs into the issue of whether the State of Missouri should continue to revoke drivers licenses and occupational licenses from people behind in child support payments.

I went all the way to the Missouri Governor to look into this deal that's causing a lot of grief for a lot of dads who sometimes end up in jail after falling behind in child support payments after their licenses are taken away.

The Family Support Division can yank licenses of those who get $2,500 behind in Child Support Payments, or who get 3 months behind.

FSD has to go to court and get a judge’s okay to take an occupational license.

Investigator Elliott Davis talked to fathers who had lost high paying jobs after their licenses were taken.  One even went to jail after he could no longer keep up payments.

But not everyone agrees that there should be a change.  Elliott talked to one mom who said the state had to continue to hold fathers accountable and she was dead set against any changes.

I first approached the Governor's Office months ago to take a look.  Recently I talked to the governor again.  He had made up his mind.  He told me he's convinced there needs to be a change, in the policy of taking licenses.  It's an issue he says he'll bring up with the legislators this session to try to find a better approach to the problem.

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