Could treasure be buried in Forest Park?

ST. LOUIS - You are here, but where is the treasure in Forest Park.

The Book House in Maplewood might know about that.

“It`s a book that came out in the early 80`s called The Secret,” says Dave Simmons, bookseller at the Book House.  “Basically, it’s one guy hid these 12 keys in cities around the country and left these incredibly cryptic pictograms and clues as to where you can find these.  There was quite the rush of it.  It`s actually the second book that came out.  There was one in England called the ‘Masquerade’.

For a short time in the late 1970`s and early 1980`s a series of hidden treasure fantasy books popped up in bookstores, many claiming to lead the puzzle solver to a buried treasure.

St. Louis City Department of Parks have heard the rumors for years that somewhere in Forest Park, a buried treasure waits, put there by the publishers of a book titled 'The Secret: A Treasure Hunt.'

Parks commissioner Kim Haegle says they routinely get phone calls from people claiming to know where to dig.

But digging is not allowed in the 1,300-acre Forest Park.

“As far as I`m aware they`ve only found two of the keys,” says Simmons.  “One of them was in 1984 and then in 2004.  But as far as I know, there`s still ten of these keys to be found.”

Whether the keys or jewels buried in a Plexiglas box about three and a half feet underground somewhere in Forest Park are ever found, for now, the mystery behind the secret is buried for now.

“Surprisingly these things can come to life after years and years of looking,” says Simmons.  “Just takes a fresh pair of eyes.  Plus, you`ve got the internet and people comparing notes so there might be a little bit of progress there.”

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